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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Feb. 1st, 2004|03:03 am]
The Mini Verse

This is so exciting, I have no words for it. He came through! He called me earlier today, and we've been communicating on and off about everything. It's incredible, what we seem to have found.

Okay, so in short form we have this. If my thoughts can collect themselves. At least two cultures (possibly even a third) from two wholly separate continents appear to have references to the same story taking place within the same rough time period, in the same era. Looking at the facts, the stories couldn't have been written more than a few dozen years apart, which considering that the ancient Arant-ea people appear to have advanced more quickly than the people that I've been studying, is perfectly understandable. They probably took to writing these sorts of things down much earlier than the 'Dronii.

Aside from that basic fact, we have the similarities present in the stories. The story I've been working on involves a venturing party (or perhaps multiple, but for now I'm assuming just one--it doesn't matter too much at this point), who travels beyond the normal borders of their land, crossing through other cultures along the way, and eventually traveling across an 'ocean of worlds' to find some sort of relic or other significant but not well described object or structure after crossing to the other 'world'. The word used to describe whatever-it-was is roughly "CHE-RA-PAT-LI-KEM".

The story my friend had come across involves an ancient people of Arant-ea, which we know as the 'Belshimit'. This story involves some sort of cultural uprising, and the decision to travel to a location apparently not too far off, as there isn't much mention of an actual journey, which is normally quite important in these stories. They travel to the location where they come across the thing of their pursuit, described at best as some sort of 'growth' from a world preceding them, and most significantly as yet another word which is virtually nonexistent except in reference to this thing. The word for it being "CHAU-PALET-IK-AEM".

Those terms are far too similar to ignore! This may not only be a revelation as to our world's history, but to our linguistics as well. Either these two cultures share similar linguistic roots, or one or the other got them from the opposite, or something similar. The fact that they could be referring to the same thing! That in those days, they may have found a way to cross the 'ocean between worlds'! Any of this, it's all so.. Incredible, almost overwhelming. I'm so excited, I can't wait to see what sort of things we may unfold here! That review must go through, they can't ignore this.. This is too amazing to overlook!

      incredulous, Che-aa
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 30th, 2004|02:53 am]
The Mini Verse

We may have found something. Huge.

I was recently talking with a friend of mine, and the subject came up of the words that couldn't be translated. Apparently he's come across something similar in his work. Words used to describe something that otherwise don't show up in the culture's speech, except for this something in the wilderness which had no real mention prior to it's 'end'.

What's more is he's been studying the old Belshimit culture in Arant-ea for some time now. That's where he found this reference. An ancient civilization that dates from roughly the same time period, or possibly earlier than the Adroni, from across the ocean. On another continent. He's doing some digging to see what else he can find on it now, since he'd mostly passed it over in favor of other ventures until I sparked the conversation.

Okay, now maybe I'm just getting flustered and being dreamy. I still can't help it, the references are remarkably similar, considering. I can't wait to see what he comes back to me with. In the meantime I'm working on begging the investors to allow us to give them an updated review of our progress. (Of course, it would have to wait until I can get more information.. And can work it into a new report. Considering their schedules, I should easily be able to have till the end of next week.)

What else is there to say.. I'm just so anxious. This could be incredible.

      fidgety, Che-aa
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 26th, 2004|01:01 pm]
The Mini Verse

I found some of the work that was hiding from me during the presentation making process.

It's an interesting piece, that had completely slipped my mind when compiling what I had for the presentation. Many things did, so it isn't surprising. A very obscure reference, though. What we have is part of an Adroni story, which being that is difficult to translate accurately. (Darn ancient civilizations and their tendency to fade into obscurity.)

What we can tell of the story we have is that it talks about some kind of a 'collapse', which without fully established context might mean anything. So far in my experience it does mean a physical 'caving in' of something, but the most difficult part about this is the something in question. The words for it haven't appeared anywhere else in any Adroni text I've come across, so we may not be able to find out just what this story is talking about.

One thing familiar is that it does make references to a 'venturing party' that sounds very similar in description to other stories about such a party making way from their home land in the north, and crossing an 'ocean of worlds'. It's pretty well accepted that a reference like this is part of a cultural religious process of some sort, where groups of people will go on a 'spiritual journey'. The thing is, there are no direct connections between the writings of these 'venturing parties' and any actual religious beliefs. The only vague connection being that the party is said to have met with their gods along the way, but this usually takes place before the talk of 'crossing the ocean of worlds' (although a couple do talk about the gods staying with them).

It is my personal suspicion that these are writings of a story which was passed down over generations and eventually written. Which would mean the story itself may or may not have happened, but certainly would have taken place earlier than people realize. To most it doesn't matter, as a spiritual journey, it could have happened or not happened at any time. I disagree. These stories may well be talking about one or more groups that actually made some journey, the only question being just what this 'ocean of worlds' is they talk about. As far as we know, there were no ships in that time period to cross any actual oceans.

It may be some sort of metaphor, I don't know. There's something about it all nagging at me, though. I'm sitting here stuck with that feeling that I'm looking at something that I need to see, but my eyes haven't focused just yet.

      ponderously, Che-aa
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 24th, 2004|01:12 pm]
The Mini Verse

This night may have been the most embarrassing evening of my career.

Somehow instead of a normal review of our research's progress, it became some sort of social event done for the sake of publicity. This isn't a bulletin of course, but instead a gathering of many wealthy socialites all just there to hear about the interesting things this particular group of people (our 'investors') has put some cash into. In addition to experiencing some strange social habits.

I dislike wearing a dress, quite a lot. Something about wearing a dress makes my fur stand out, it's so uncomfortable.

Being uncomfortable physically and mentally while standing in front of a large room full of people, and trying to address a project--the report on which was written as a simple essay for a couple of people--while stuttering on every third word, is not the kind of evening I enjoy.

It's exhausting, so I'm probably going to settle in for an early night. It sure doesn't leave me feeling hopeful for tomorrow. I just no I'm going to be driving myself mad until something comes back to me from this.

Did I mention how much I dislike dresses?

      pensively, Che-aa
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 23rd, 2004|02:32 am]
The Mini Verse

I'm so fidgety, I don't even know what to say about things right now. I've made progress over the past few days with this presentation, but I still don't feel ready. it doesn't even matter how much time there is, I probably would never feel ready. There's just so much of that feeling of discontent.

It does feel like something is missing, too. I know there are still some things that haven't gone into this report, because I haven't found everything from our expeditions and the research. It's mostly here, but not quite all.

It's not like what little isn't here would really matter much. It just isn't comforting having that unfinished feeling when something you know is so important to you is in jeopardy.

I don't know what else to say... I need to spend a couple of hours
* relaxing myself some, doing nothing, before I work on closure for this report. Make sure everything is taken care of so much as it can be.

      anxiously, Che-aa

* The word used here is "daanar". It is a period of time which takes up one 15th of the local solar day.
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 19th, 2004|09:55 pm]
The Mini Verse

So I've spent the past two days getting together all my notes. I don't know why I can't keep everything in one place. The research bug.

If I didn't have to worry about being strapped for funding, maybe I could spare some money to get a nice tablet and keep at least most of everything in one spot. In any case, I still don't think it's all quite here. It's going to have to be enough for now, though. There are, I think, four more days until the presentation. Who can tell? They'll drag me out of my office when it's time to go.

Let me just hope that this can be worked into something to intrigue them enough to keep supporting the project. (Or who knows, maybe somebody will pop out of a rock.)

      with hope, Che-aa
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Journal of: Che-li'na ter i'aa (RGC: A2-8s3i1) [Jan. 18th, 2004|02:37 am]
The Mini Verse

[translated for the viewer]

Life seems to be set up just to boggle and annoy me.

So why is it people seem to have trouble seeing passed their noses? This is a strange trait of speaking creatures that has been a plague for much of the history as I've managed to dig through so far. Why haven't medical teams found a cure for this yet? Oh wait! Probably a lack of research funds!

Okay, so I'm up for another presentation in just under a week
*, and it has me a little on edge. They only make you do presentations when they want to see that you've found a deity sitting trapped inside a rock for the past three billion years, or they considering cutting your funding. Darn the lack of gods in my rocks. (Why do I get the feeling someone would find that perverse?)

I just don't get how people don't see the good things that come out of what we do. We've learned so much, and they can't appreciate it. No one can do anything for the good of it, for the lasting knowledge and effects on the whole of things. How much we as a society, as sentient people, can learn. It's just "will this make me as much money as I put into it?"

And you know, if this were normal people I could understand. We all have to watch what we do with our resources. But when you have so many resources you're not even sure what to do with them, why is it still an issue?

Anyway, I've got to scrape together my research excerpts to make something communicable out of it. Get together the highlights, and major details to go with them. Essay it, in a form that people will stay awake to listen to. And of course add in the usual "here's what we're this close to! It's really big!" Hm.. Will need to tweak the last part to keep their egos interested in it, I guess. Sad but true. Somehow, the same old story probably won't keep working for them..

      regards, Che-aa

* The word used here (in English letters) is "delert". It is the equivalent of a week, only it lasts 8 or 9 days, depending on the time of year.
** "Personal Journal", entry date: era, year of era, delert, day
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